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Our market sites


People at Tele2

Meet Marika

Head of IT LACE, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Marika's story

Meet Marie-Louise

Head of the Tele2 Online & Channels unit, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Marie-Louise's story

Meet Jenny

QA (Quality Assurance), Stockholm, Sweden

Read Jenny's story

Meet Frida

Problem Manager, IT B2C Operational Excellence, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Frida's story

Meet Ludvig

IT Talent Program

Read Ludvig's story

Meet Nejat

IT Talent Program

Read Nejat's story

Meet Emma

Executive Trainee EVP CTO, Stockholm, Swede

Read Emma's story

Meet Felicia

Executive IT Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Felicia's story

Meet Amanda

Executive Trainee EVP CCO, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Amanda's story

Meet Niklas

Executive Trainee EVP CFO, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Niklas's story

Meet Nathalie

Executive CEO Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Nathalie's story

Meet Maximilian

Executive B2B Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Maximilian's story

Meet Stefan

Service Engineer, Piteå, Sweden

Meet Ilmars

SSC - Service Lead BSS IT, Riga, Latvia

Read Ilmars's story

Meet Gvidas

Data Scientist, Vilnius, Lithuania

Read Gvidas's story

Meet Felipe

Administrative Services, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Felipe's story

Meet Kristofer

Motion Designer, Tele2, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Kristofer's story

Meet Martin

Security Manager - Protective Security, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Martin's story

Meet Kseniya

Roaming Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Kseniya's story

Meet Teresia

Service Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Teresia's story

Meet Vēsma

Accounts Payable Team Manager, Riga, Latvia

Read Vēsma's story

Meet Villemin

Store Manager, Sweden

Read Villemin's story

Meet Amanda

Store Employee - Business Specialist and Trainer, Sweden

Read Amanda's story

Meet Inger

Head of Data Driven Excellence

Read Inger's story