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Meet Jenny

Jenny Karlsson, Quality Assurance

What do you do at Tele2?
I’ve been at Tele2 for 7,5 years. I started as a consultant at a partner company to Tele2 and later became an employee direct at Tele2. I started at customer service and then switched to product support. I worked with Tele2’s chat and answered questions that appeared at Facebook and twitter, later I went to the technical support and became a product specialist for the Comviq brand. After a while I got an offer to become a QA and I took the chance. I was actually headhunted internally by Frida Lagerqvist.

Everything is possible! I started as a customer service agent at Transcom and now I’m a QA here at Tele2.

How did you end up in the IT unit?
The interest for IT has grown with time on me. Since I didn’t have the experience I honestly didn’t understand that it was this much IT when I got the QA role. It’s amazing I got the chance and that the managers believed in me.

What is exciting with IT at Tele2?
It’s so much fun! There are lots of career opportunities, challenges, people who always engage you to challenge yourself and take risks – and in other words also to grow. The managers wants their employees to grow, and take the next step within the company. There is never a blind alley – there are always new things to do or learn if you are open for it. Look at me, a few years ago I helped out in customer service and now I work with IT and so many cool projects.

How would you describe your managers?
I really like that Marika – which is my closest manager - is so straightforward. I think it’s great that we have so many female managers, we think a little bit different than men. I feel that the managers here are understanding, diplomatic and think about the humanity in every person. I’m soon getting another manager and I’ve talked a lot with her – she is great! She is there for you for support and help when you need it. She is very eager that we feel good at work. When we feel good we can also deliver the best results.

What challenges are you facing right now?
For me personally my biggest challenge is to continue learning and work with tech heavy projects. I does not have any fancy diploma from a collage or a great track record within the role. What I have is the mindset, the will and great managers who believe in me. Regarding the organization I think the biggest challenge is to attract more females to apply for a job here – but I think it is time to show the world what Tele2 are, except from being just a mobile operator. We need to break the norm and go against what’s normal.

What makes Tele2 stand out from other employers?
I really like Tele2 because of our multicultural environment and diverse teams. I feel like I fit in and there is never any judgements about who you are. It feels like Tele2 is openminded and embraces the differences in each and every one of us. The organization has a welcoming approach to different backgrounds and only in my team I have one colleague from Tunisia, one from Lebanon, Egypt and Pakistan – we teach each other so much. Right now Tele2 makes an effort to reach an equal balance of females and males within 3-4 years. I think it is a great initiative and it’s great to brake the norm to get the women to start here. It would be really cool to work in an organization that is divided equally 50/50 between women and men. At the moment in my team we are a total of seven people and three of us are women.

What is important for you as an employee?
It’s important for me with great benefits except from the salary, happy and inclusive colleagues and of course a workplace where you can grow in your own tempo. Not to forget, one of the best things working here is the upcoming Tele2 awards which I really look forward to!

How is it to work in Kista?
Honestly, it is very nice! I like the office, it is very inspiring. I like that we have an activity-based work environment – I really believe it engage us to be creative. I take my computer and sit down wherever, take a coffee, switch view and if you get stuck with a problem – change where you sit and I promise the problem will be solved. We have massage sofas, table tennis and pool tables, I have never used them but I appreciate that I have the opportunity to do it.

Best experience at Tele2 so far?
I would say my road to where I am today. Everything is possible! I started as a customer service agent at Transcom and now I’m a QA here at Tele2. 

What would you say to people who are interested in a job at Tele2
Just go for it and send in your application!

Everything is possible! I started as a customer service agent at Transcom and now I’m a QA here at Tele2.

- Jenny Karlsson, Quality Assurance