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Meet Samuel

Samuel Skott, EVP Chief Commercial Officer

Why did you apply for the Executive Trainee Program? 

I had heard a lot of good things about the trainee programs within the Kinnevik group and Tele2 seemed like a very interesting company with a great culture.  

When were you a trainee at Tele2?

I was a trainee between 2005-2006

Why did you decide to stay at Tele2 after the Program?

I felt this was a place where I could develop and grow. I really liked the company culture and got an exciting first position as a commercial product manager for B2B Mobile.

What has the program given you?

The trainee program has given me a lot; great knowledge about telecoms in general and most importantly great knowledge about Tele2. I’ve also gained great internal cross functional network of people within many functional areas from sales and marketing to IT and tech. Last but not least, the trainee program has given me a great community with friends for life! 

What have you done since then and what is your role today?

I’ve had various positions within the company e.g. Product Manager, Director Product & Customer Design, CEO Tele2 Sverige AB and today I have an overall commercial responsibility as Chief Commercial Officer. 

What is your connection to the program today?

My connection is that today I am very privileged to work with a trainee that reports to me.

How does the trainees that work for you contribute?

We are a team running the Commercial unit together, the trainee helps out with structure and running the B2C leadership team, presentations and reports as well as participating in projects.

Fondest memory from the program:

Hard to mention only one but one of them is when all trainees during my year went to Lithuania and partied, another one is when we tried to start a completely new sales channel for telephony, using sport clubs.

The trainee program has given me a great community with friends for life! 

- Samuel Skott