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Our market sites


Tele2 Executive Trainee Program

 At Tele2 we place our trainees where they belong – at the top. We look for young talents with a desire to go further than far, who will help us remain the challengers we always have been. The company that confronts monopolies, challenges outdated business models and rewrites the rules. Every day.

That's not easy. Which is why our trainee program is not for just anyone. To succeed, you need to think fast and move fast. Take bold initiatives and never hesitate to challenge anything or anyone to see them through. Not even your boss.

As a trainee at Tele2, you get the opportunity to follow and build a relationship with one of Tele2's management team members for an entire year. You will have a large responsibility from day one, supporting your management team member in their daily work.

We are a company that promise our customers unlimited connectivity to enable a society of unlimited opportunities. Our goal is to contribute to change by being smart, and when the world evolves, so do we. With us on our journey we need people who are fast-moving, dare to question hierarchies and believe in the power of the people.

Join us on December 9th for a livestream with our trainees. You will be able to get to know us, our trainees and what their time at Tele2 has been like. To register, please click here.

You can also learn more about our trainees and their challenges below.

The application period is now open! Click here to apply. Make sure to apply before the application period closes on January 6th 2021.

Meet our trainees

Meet Amanda

Executive CCO Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet Maximilian

Executive B2B Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet Nathalie

Executive CEO Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet Felicia

Executive IT Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet Niklas

Executive CFO Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

Read Niklas's story

Meet Emma

Executive CTO Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet our former trainees

Meet Samuel

EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, Sweden

Read Samuel's story

Meet Anastasija

Financial controller, Sweden

Read Anastasija's story

Meet Rasmus

Transformation Manager, Sweden. 

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