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Our market sites


Our market sites


Why Tele2 


Unlimited success for unlimited minds


Fast moving and smart


As a fast moving and smart company, we see the charm in change and thrive in constant transformation. When something truly matters to us, we dare more than others and if we believe in something, we will do it, no matter what. We strive for new grounds, going where no one else have been, making our impact bigger, wider and more powerful than ever before.

We are bound to make mistakes along the way, as we believe that without failure there will never be  success. However, we make sure to always learn and hence grow wiser and smarter in everything  we do.

The power of the people


Together we are a team of truly talented and forward leaning professionals on a fascinating journey.

It is fueled by great expectations. On ourselves and on each other. How else can we  have an impact and make a difference? We believe in the power of the people; we are  unique individuals and at the same time we do it  together, as one smart strong team. By providing mandate and trust we hold the key vital to release that power. Speaking our mind is an essential part of our culture; challenging old ways and bringing on new perspectives.

We are dedicated fans of diversity and inclusion. Doubtlessly, diverse and inclusive teams perform  better overall. Taking action to drive this agenda is not only wise, it is paramount. That is why it is one of our four focus areas that forms our sustainability strategy at Tele2.


Develop beyond expectations


At Tele2, we promise you great responsibility and accountability as well as a big arena to play on. We support every step you take and show  unconditional faith in your ability and ambition. At the same time, we expect you to have high ambitions and contribute to your own best  abilities. To be bold and make a difference to be proud of.

We take great pride in what we do, focusing on simplicity in every task we undertake, aiming for creating unlimited possibilities beyond  expectations. We promise you an opportunity to be part of building the smartest telco in the world. It might not be for everyone, but if you are up for it you might find your next challenge here.


Our values