Debt programs & Credit Facilities

Tele2 uses an Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) program, a Swedish Commercial Paper Programme and domestic Bond Programs to raise funds in various capital markets in the form of bonds and commercial papers. Tele2 has also entered into a EUR 760 million syndicated loan facility with participation from eleven banks. In addition to this Tele2 has bilateral Credit Facilities with EIB & NIB. The setup ensures financial flexibility, continuous access to funding and sufficient liquidity.

Overview of issued bonds and senior credit facilities

BondNominal couponIssue volumeProspectus
Bonds issued under the the Tele2 AB EMTN programme
2013/2020 Floating Stibor+2.45% SEK250m PDF
2018/2020 Floating Stibor+0.75% SEK1,750m PDF
2016/2021 Fixed 1.875% SEK1,000m PDF
2016/2021 Floating Stibor+1.65% SEK2,000m PDF
2016/2022 Floating Stibor+1.75% SEK500m PDF
2016/2022 Floating Stibor+1.55% SEK1,700m PDF
2017/2023 Fixed 2.00% SEK1,200m PDF
2017/2023 Floating Stibor+1.45% SEK400m  PDF
2018/2024 Fixed 1.125% EUR500m PDF
2018/2028 Fixed 2.125% EUR500m PDF
Other credit facilities
Revolving Credity Facility supported by a syndicate of 11 banks. EUR 760m. Final maturity in 2024.
Bilateral Credit Facility with European Investment Bank (EIB). EUR 125m. Final maturity in 2024.
Bilateral Credit Facility with Nordic Investment Bank (NIB). SEK 2bn. Final maturity in 2026.