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Dec 1, 2014 4:06 PM CET

5G will be about user experience

During Huawei and GSMA’s recent Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Shanghai, about 180 operators met to exchange experience regarding 4G and the evolution to 5G. Of course, Tele2’s Group CTIO Joachim Horn participated.  

Totally 600 people attended the Global Mobile Broadband Forum with Joachim engaging as a speaker and in a panel discussion.

The day’s discussions focused on several aspects of 4G and the development to 5G. Questions like when and where 5G will be possible, why we need 5G and eventual obstacles on the road to success were raised.

According to respondents at the forum, there are two significant driving forces behind 5G standardization: the need for more capacity (36% of the vote) and the need for more connections (35%).

- The most unique breakthrough 5G must bring is to move the focus from technology to the user experience. I think we are too technology focused. We need to use 5G to move out of the box. The technology should be the way to achieve it and not the purpose. The purpose should be a significantly better user experience. Then the user will have a reason to pay, Joachim said during the event.

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