Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability on top of our minds

2018 was a spectacular year for Tele2. We merged with Com Hem in Sweden and with T-Mobile in the Netherlands. Our new CEO and Leadership Team assumed their roles and we started our journey towards becoming a true integrated challenger, with combined fixed and mobile services created by a sharp and streamlined organization.

Despite this time of change, sustainability continues to be on top of our minds. For example, we reviewed our sustainability strategy during 2018 and improved it by including clear Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets, which help us focus on what really matters. We decided to keep our five focus areas and saw to it that each area has a dedicated representative in the Leadership Team, with parts of their salaries related to the fulfilment of these targets.

Our long-term commitment to sustainability was recognized by well-known ESG analysts such as MSCI, who awarded us with an impressive AAA ranking. In Equileap’s 2018 Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking we were awarded with a global sixth place, outperforming most telcos and some really iconic big companies as well.

Tele2 is a responsible challenger – we incorporate sustainability in everything we do. But more importantly, we strongly believe that a sustainability perspective will benefit both our customers and employees while generating additional value to our shareholders. We make our company stronger while contributing to the world around us.

Read the full report on our efforts in the 2018 edition of our annual sustainability report: