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Whistleblowing Policy

Tele2 is committed to ethical business conduct at the highest level. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to wrongdoing. Through our Code of Conduct we vow to take appropriate action when wrongdoing happens, and we ask our Business Partners to do the same.

For us to act, we first need to know of any wrongdoing. We therefore promote a culture where anyone within or outside Tele2 feels safe and is encouraged to act and report any wrongdoing related to our operations. This is approach actively supported by our CEO and the Board of Directors.

Tele2’s Whistleblowing Policy is an essential part of this commitment. It ensures that anyone working for or with Tele2 can report any wrongdoing. This includes workers employed directly or indirectly by Tele2, as well as others interacting with Tele2 (e.g. Business Partners, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders). It also provides protection to any individual making a report of potential misconduct. In short, the Whistleblowing Policy:

  • shields whistleblowers from retaliation;
  • establishes requirements to safeguard confidentiality and anonymity;
  • protects the reasonable interests of those accused;
  • arranges the processing of personal data and data protection in the context of the policy;
  • establishes procedures for reporting and for the handling of reports; and
  • determines the governance of the policy.

The Whistleblowing Policy has been in place for all Tele2 operations since 2010 and it was updated in 2014 and in 2019. The full Whistleblowing Policy can be found in our Policies and Reports section. Links to relevant other policies, such as the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Corruption Policy can be found there as well.

Channels to report wrongdoing

We have implemented low-threshold possibilities for reporting any wrongdoing related to Tele2. All whistleblowing channels are designed, set up and operated in a way that ensures the confidentiality of the whistleblower.

Reports are received by Tele2’s Head of Security and Head of Compliance, who work under supervision of, and with the support from, the General Counsel and the Audit Committee of the Board.

Reporting can be done either anonymously, confidentially or openly and through different methods:

  • Reporting to a Tele2 manager, who will be responsible for escalating the report
  • Sending an email to
  • Make a call to: +46 701 620 062
  • Requesting a meeting directly with the person designed to receive reports

It is also possible to send a letter to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee of the Tele2 Board at the following address:

Tele2 Whistleblower
Att. General Counsel
Torshamnsgatan 17
SE- 164 40 Kista

Reporting and Governance

Tele2 is committed to transparency in all of its Sustainability areas. We take care to report relevant information to our stakeholders, and balance the value of transparency with the requirements of confidentiality. Therefore, we report on an aggregated basis for all Tele2 subsidiaries, and only on relevant numbers. No information on the nature of individual cases is made available.

Members of the Leadership Team and (Audit Committee of) the Board of are informed ad-hoc of ongoing or concluded investigations, when their importance requires this. Furthermore, they receive regular reports, at least quarterly, on the functioning of Whistleblowing in Tele2.

Number of reports

Since 2016, we have received 31 reports through the whistleblowing channels. Those reports have led to 27 internally performed investigations. As a result of those investigations, 23 disciplinary or other actions have been taken. (Last updated: April 2021)