EMTN Programme

Tele2’s EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) programme was established in 2012. The prospectus was last updated on 25 September 2019. The EMTN programme constitutes a standardized master agreement for issuance of bonds.

Documents 2019

Agency Agreement 2019

Base Prospectus 2019

Constitutional Documents - Tele2 AB 2019

Constitutional Documents - Tele2 Sverige AB 2019

Deed of Covenant 2019

Deed of Guarantee 2019

Notice of Amendment 5 March 2019


Older documents

Tele2 EMTN Prospectus 2016

Tele2 EMTN Prospectus 2018

Tele2 Sverige AB Annual Report 2017

Tele2 Sverige AB Annual Report 2018