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Meet Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise Masreliez, Head of the Tele2 Online & Channels unit

What do you do at Tele2?

I recently joined SMELE as Head of the Tele2 Online & Channels unit. Our unit is responsible for the development of systems, applications as well as customer experience in our customer facing digital channels. We are around fifty developers, test specialist, application managers and UX designers. I manage our department and my job is to make sure that my team has the freedom to be awesome in their respective roles. The Freedom to be awesome.

How did you end up in this position?

I started at Tele2 as a Project- and later Program Manager Consultant. I was immediately impressed by the velocity and delivery force within Tele2. I had been consulting for the public sector where you could easily spend two years on a feasibility, so Tele2 was a completely different world to me. It was the opportunity to be the proxy and to channel this force that inspired me to take on this new role. The action-oriented spirit of Tele2, the motivated individuals and the diversity of thought within the company made giving up the consultant life for a fixed position an easy choice.

I’ve always had an interest in technology and I completed my degree from the Multimedia Pedagogy and Technology-program at Stockholm University in the nineties. Since then I have worked as a Project Manager in numerous industries and taken additional courses from KTH, King's College and Brown University over the years.

What challenges are you facing right now?

Tele2 made the major part of the transition into the agile way-of-working during last year. SMELE are next. Parallel to this, we are consolidating several old systems into fewer and at the same time modernizing our technology. In the near future our main focus will be to follow through on these changes.

As an employee here at Tele2, you’ll be expected to contribute in further implementing- and improving on our agile way-of-working and partake in continuously evaluating- and improving on our technological choices. We need to both bolster our know-how with your previous experience and at the same time utilize your affinity of trying out- and evaluating new things.

Tele2 is an excellent choice if you’re serious about making an impact in your professional life – the table is nowhere near set, and your input will be both heard and appreciated.

What are your expectations on new employees joining your unit?

I value transparency and I don’t expect everyone to know everything. It’s more important to ask questions, to show interest, keep learning and improve. No one will expect you to deliver perfect solutions right from the start. I will, however, expect you to be transparent and forthcoming with your ideas and concerns and to bring up important matters with your colleagues and managers.

I also want you to be responsible for driving your own development. Tele2 can offer you great career opportunities and a lot of development potential, but you need to communicate how we can support you in the best way to help you reach your goals. At Tele2 we embrace diversity so you are free to stay true to yourself, but in order to flourish at this company, you also need to be open minded, curious, collaborative and fearless.

What can one expect as an employee working in your unit?

You will be a part of a dynamic environment, working in a cross-functional, agile team of 5-10 people. We strive for autonomy for both teams and employees which means that you get a great deal of responsibility and ownership of your professional contribution.

Your plan for personal development will be set down together with your closest manager. You will also be part of a "chapter" of colleagues within your profession, where you share experiences, best practice and collaborate around different ways of working

The Freedom to be awesome.

- Marie-Louise Masreliez, Head of the Tele2 Online & Channels unit