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Meet Patrik

Patrik Johannesson, Executive CFO Trainee


How did you learn about the Tele2 Executive trainee program?

I first discovered the Tele2 Executive Trainee Program through the  website, and later attended a recruiting event Tele2 held at my university. During the event, I met current trainees and learned more about the Trainee Program. I left with a great impression of both the company and the people.


What made you decide to apply for the trainee program?

I have always been interested in joining a trainee program because it is a great opportunity to accelerate professionally and gain rare experience working closely with an executive. I wanted a unique opportunity to challenge myself and gain greater knowledge of an industry and a department, and thus applied for the trainee program.


What made Tele2 stand out from other employers?

What especially stood out to me was Tele2’s ability to challenge existing monopolies within the telecom industry, and appreciated its agile organization. Additionally, I was very impressed by the amount of resources Tele2 invests into the entire trainee program – from meeting with various executives to individualized conversations with current trainees, it was very evident throughout my entire candidate process that Tele2 is very dedicated to its trainees.


What did you do before you entered the trainee program?

Before entering the trainee program, I was pursuing my Master’s in Accounting and Finance at Lund University. Prior to my master I was working at an electric car start-up in Lund.


What surprised you the most when you started?

What surprised me most was how closely I work with my executive and the extent to which my work makes a direct impact at a high-level at the organization. As a trainee, I have learned the importance of executing various tasks accurately as there is a great deal of responsibility each carries.


How does your work at Tele2 challenge you?

I am constantly challenged from a great deal of different responsibilities I receive daily, usually on extremely quick timelines. The executives rely on a high standard of work, and it is critical to work hard and understand the company.


Describe a typical day at work?        

It is difficult to define a “typical day” since each day varies significantly from the other. However, my main work streams include: 1) working closely with the CFO on various projects and administrating relevant meetings; and 2) working with the broader Finance leadership team and managing work tasks related to other relative departments.


How does Tele2 support your development?

Tele2 supports my personal development in many different ways. I have weekly one-on-one meetings with my executive where we go through the important tasks that lie ahead and I have the opportunity to address issues I feel are important. The program also supports me with various education and mentorship opportunities. Additionally, trainees are a small subgroup within the company and serve as another resource I know I can depend on should I have any questions.


What are your hobbies or passions outside of work?

I enjoy playing tennis and golf, and also try to go skiing at least once every year. Aside from that, I like to hang out with friends.


Best experience at Tele2 so far:

The best experience thus far is working with executives who really listen to you and appreciate your thoughts. As a result, I feel more engaged and energized at work which allows me to perform better.


What is your best career advice for students who are about to start their careers?

Be curious and dare to take opportunities! It is easy to distinguish candidates who have educated themselves about a company and the positions they want. Take every opportunity to meet companies you are interested in and take time to prepare prior to meeting them!

With this fast pace I will be able to develop a lot more than I would have anywhere else.

- Patrik Johannesson