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Press release Tele2 Group Apr 20 2018, 8:00 AM CET

Tele2 – Sweden’s most energy efficient operator

Tele2’s energy efficiency efforts in the 4G network has generated results. One year after Tele2 started to actively switch off the base stations’ power amplifiers when it is not used by the customers, the initiative had saved over 2.3 million kWh. Tele2 now takes the next steps in its journey as Sweden's most energy efficient operator.

Mobile networks are currently experiencing an exponential growth in traffic volumes in connection to increased use of data and the launch of new solutions. While technical services create opportunities for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the world, they also contribute to increased pressure on networks and, thereby, larger energy use. Tele2 sees it as its responsibility to continuously find ways to make its operations more energy efficient.

In the beginning of 2017, Tele2 initiated a solution together with Telenor in its shared 4G-network where the base station power amplifier was turned off when the customers did not use it. One year later, the initiative has saved about 2,3 million kWh which corresponds to the electricity use a BMW i3 would need to drive around the world 380 times. Tele2 is now continuing to assess if smaller changes in the networks can contribute to large energy savings for a greener world. 

Sweden’s most energy efficient network
With information from annual reports and key figures from Post- och Telestyrelsen (the National Post and Telecom Agency) Tele2 can conclude that it has Sweden's most energy-efficient network. The biggest contributing factor is that Tele2 share all its network infrastructure with other operators. Tele2 is also, as the only operator in the countries it operates in, a part of the international initiative SooGreen, which is supported by Vinnova and aims to create a greener telecom industry.

“If you compare the energy use per customer, Tele2 is well ahead of its competitors and is thereby the most energy efficient operator in Sweden. Our shared networks allow both expansion and operation to be more cost effective and resource efficient, which benefit both consumers and the environment. But we do not stop there and constantly try to find new initiatives to make the environment a friendly place for the next generations. These initiatives are great examples of that”, says Samuel Skott, CEO of Tele2 Sweden.

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For more information, please contact:
Angelica Gustafsson, Head of Public Relations, Tele2 AB, Phone: +46 704 26 41 42
Louise Ekman, Head of Press Relations, Tele2 Sweden, tel: +46 705 22 21 17
Erik Strandin Pers, Head of Investor Relations, Tele2 AB, Phone: +46 733 41 41 88

TELE2’S MISSION IS TO FEARLESSLY LIBERATE PEOPLE TO LIVE A MORE CONNECTED LIFE. We believe the connected life is a better life, and so our aim is to make connectivity increasingly accessible to our customers, no matter where or when they need it. Ever since Jan Stenbeck founded the company in 1993, it has been a tough challenger to the former government monopolies and other established providers. Tele2 offers mobile services, fixed broadband and telephony, data network services, content services and global IoT solutions. Every day our 17 million customers across 8 countries enjoy a fast and wireless experience through our award winning networks. Tele2 has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since 1996. In 2017, Tele2 had net sales of SEK 25 billion and reported an EBITDA of SEK 6.4 billion. For definitions of measures, please see the last pages of the Annual Report 2017. Follow @Tele2group on Twitter for the latest updates