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Jan 15, 2018 9:26 AM CET

Trainees reflect on their reach for change projects

As Tele2 trainees, Julia Maxén and Anton Borglund were used to tough and challenging situations. However, their time in Tanzania as a part of Reach for Change challenged them in a whole new way. 

Julia learned about Reach for Change through a friend who had previously been a trainee at Tele2. When she heard about how Reach for Change works with social enterprises tackling critical issues faced by children, she immediately felt that she wanted to apply. Anton, who has experience working with developing countries as an intern at the consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai, India, also felt that he wanted to make a change and be part of an important Reach for Change project.

Both Julia’s and Anton’s projects were located in Tanzania. Their expectations were high and they weren’t disappointed. According to both Julia and Anton, Reach for Change is the experience of a lifetime.

Anton worked at an organisation in Tanzania called Jenga Learning Hub, a learning lab that aims to provide children and young people with an opportunity to become digitally fluent.

“Among other things, I was involved in the development of the learning lab’s strategic roadmap.  I also spent some time teaching children English. Jenga Learning Hub is important for children in Tanzania. For many children, it’s their only chance to get in front of a computer screen”, says Anton.

Julia’s Reach for Change project was at C-Sema, an organisation that produces an interactive children’s magazine that generates revenue to run a national child helpline. The helpline aids children in need of care and protection through a toll-free telephone line available across all networks in Tanzania.

“I joined the company to help with its marketing communication as part of a search for new sponsors to fund its operations. At first, I had no idea how to approach this challenge, but in the end I felt I was able to do more than I ever could have imagined”, says Julia.

According to both Anton and Julia, their Reach for Change experiences opened their eyes to the needs of social enterprises in developing countries.

“The need for support is huge and sharing knowledge and experience from working at a large company like Tele2 can truly help these companies and organizations to prosper”, says Anton.

The lessons Julia and Anton brought back to Tele2 include being more action-orientated, trusting their own instincts and embracing a “can do” to executing project.

“In Tanzania we experienced first-hand what can be achieved with passion. This has inspired us to be more action oriented and to always embrace new challenges”, says Julia

After their traineeships and time in Tanzania, both Julia and Anton received job offers at Tele2. Julia now works as a Digital product manager and Anton as a Device manager.

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