We are part of the solution for a sustainable future

At Tele2 we are deadly serious about climate change

When we look at our environmental impact we tend to be self-critical. Let's take 2017, when our organisation of 7,000 people and several hundred base stations caused a total of 187,051 tons of greenhouse emissions. A significant number that should not be taken lightly. This is exactly why we think carefully about where we buy our electricity, the type of fuel that heats our offices, and the way our employees and suppliers move around. We also look into how we can change our networks to become more energy efficient, for example by shutting down frequency band during periods of less activity. By turning off our base stations' power amplifiers when they have no data to transmit*, we managed to save about 2,3 million kWh just during 2017. That accounts for almost 2000 tons of carbon dioxide.

To ensure that our unavoidable energy consumption is compensated for, we also invest in two projects for renewable energy in India: the production a big solar power plant in Rajasthan and a number of new wind turbines in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Both projects have been approved by the UN and each one is aimed at reaching a number of  Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, Tele2 is the only operator in its markets to be a part of the international research initiative SooGreen, that has support from the EU and Vinnova and aims to create a greener telecom industry. In 2017, we hosted an international SooGreen conference with focus on energy optimization within mobile networks.

Naturally, we have equally high expectations on our suppliers and vendors, who all must agree with our Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct. We also make sure to include environmental aspects, such as EcoVadis sustainability ratings, in our procurement processes when we asses existing and new business partners.

Connectivity grants sustainability

Measuring our positive impact on the environment is not an easy task, but it is certainly clear that our services enable solutions for a more sustainable society. The freedom to communicate by voice and data in real time brings countless opportunities to reduce negative impact on the environment. It enables customers to make better decisions, avoid unnecessary journeys and find more efficient ways to eat, sleep, work, learn and have fun. And 16 million people are already using our services today.

Tele2 is also an innovative provider of IoT services, which enable communication between machines. From relatively simple machines like snack dispensers or home appliances, to complex systems like trains, trucks, factories and security systems – you name it. We are just beginning to understand how communication can make them more efficient. Take the new generation of electric vehicles: how will power companies be able to measure and get payed for their electricity in this new infrastructure? Well, quite possibly with an Internet of Things solution from Tele2.

Once again, we're doing what we can to keep our emissions to a minimum. But we hope you can see the bigger picture. One where a moderate carbon footprint of Tele2 positively offsets the carbon footprints of both individuals and society many times over.

The most energy efficient operator in Sweden

Looking at energy use per subscriber, Tele2 is the most energy efficient operator in Sweden**. The main reason for this is that we firmly believe that 'sharing is caring' when it comes to the environment. Therefore, we share al lot of our network infrastructure with other operators. We have taken a firm decision to move towards full compensation for our carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden, our largest operation, and to only procure sustainable power sources.

As our home market, Sweden is where we pilot most initiatives also within sustainability and environment. We are, however, doing a lot in our other markets as well. For example, our offices in Lithuania use hydroelectric power, 70 percent of all agreements are signed on screen resulting in a major decrease of paper use, and in Kazakhstan we are building base stations with solar panels that provide sustainable power.

The detailed story

Read our latest Sustainability Report to learn more about our efforts and environmental impact.

Check out our Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct section to learn more about the high demands we put on suppliers and vendors.

* Initiatives are primarily taking place in Sweden. After assessment, Tele2 will see if the same initiatives are applicable in our other markets.
** The study has been made by comparing key figures in the companies Annual Reports as well as data from the Swedish authority Post och Telestyrelsen, PTS.