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A desire to go further than far

We are looking for relentless talents with a desire to go further, not only far. We're striving to be a diverse force of clever people prepared to join a thrilling journey; becoming the smartest telco in the world, creating a society of unlimited possibilities

Being a part of a dynamic environment, we participate with energy and contribute with ideas. The common goal is to challenge existing paradigms and stretch the boundaries necessary to attain outstanding performance and market leadership.

When something truly matters to us, we dare more than others and if we believe in something, we will do it, no matter what. We need people who think fast and move fast. People that don't believe in hierarchies, but the power of the people. 

We expect you to have high ambitions and contribute to your own best abilities. To be bold and make a difference to be proud of. The journey is fueled by great expectations. On ourselves and on each other. How else can we have an impact and make a difference?

Being the smartest, together

The mistakes we make along the way become teachings that makes us better. In an innovation culture that fosters different perspectives and opinions there’s a need for freedom, outspokenness and rethinking. Responsibility towards ourselves. Towards others. Openness and respect. Together, we create unlimited possibilities.

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Join us on our journey on creating a society of unlimited possibilities. Apply for a job that takes us further. 

Push your limits

We are looking for talents with a desire to go further. Are you ready? Find your next challenge here. 


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