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Our market sites


Tele2 Latvia

Half of the inhabitants of Latvia have chosen Tele2 as their telecommunications service provider. That makes Tele2 the leading mobile network operator in Latvia by number of telephone clients!

It is a great honour and responsibility as well – there can be no half-finished tasks!

Tele2 entered the mobile market of Latvia in 2000. The entry of Tele2 in Latvia can be considered as a beginning of the development of the country's mobile communications market, as the competition allowed a significant reduction in the cost of mobile communication services and phones, making this previously elite segment accessible to citizens.

During eighteen years of operation Tele2 has become the mobile operator with the highest number of clients and it is the most praised operator, as well as one of the most productive and profitable companies in Baltics. Zelta Zivtina is still one of the favourite brands in country and a leader in prepaid mobile service segment.
Tele2 has built the most advanced mobile communications network in the Baltics to provide customers with latest generation's possibilities and quality of technologies.

Our employees will continue to strive to provide our customers with the very best! You also have a opportunity to join the Tele2 team!

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Tele2 is a strong team and we are ready for any challenges

Therefore one of our most anticipated challenges is the "Sports Games" where we actively compete and celebrate joint victories in the summer of each year. In this joint event, employees have fun, inspire each other, learn more and spend their workday in a different way.


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