Sustainability Partners

An overview of Tele2's sustainability partners in Sweden

Reach for Change

Tele2 is a founding partner of Reach for Change, an initiative that supports local social entrepreneurs who have a solution that improves the life of children and youth. Each year, Reach for Change incubates more than a hundred different social ventures that ultimately supports several hundred thousand children and youth. We provide Reach for Change with resources and expertise that help them succeed in the markets where we compete. Head over to the Reach for Change webpage to learn more about their great impact, or go directly to their case page about Tele2 Croatia.

Bris – Children’s Rights in Society

Bris is a politically and religiously independent children's rights organization that listens to, supports and strengthens children and young adults' rights in society. Their services offer children and young adults up to 18 years old a secure, anonymous and free way to email, chat, or call a counsellor. Since its inception, physical abuse has been a central issue for Bris but support is also about other important issues where the child is mistreated, having problems or needs support and advice from knowledgeable and empathetic adults. Tele2 partnered with BRIS already in 2007 and has since then contributed with both resources and optimization of the communications platforms that enables the core of BRIS’ operation. Learn more at Bris webpage.

Datatjej och Tjejer Kodar

The telecom workforce in Sweden is currently made up by 70 percent males. Tele2 has committed to challenge that and reach an equal gender balance. To support this firm ambition, we have launched a number of internal projects, but we also benefit from partnerships with organizations such as Datatjej and Tjejer Kodar .

Datatjej  (“Data girls”) arranges meetings at Tele2’s headquarter in Kista, Stockholm, where members can connect and learn more about working within IT in a big tech company. Tjejer Kodar (“Coding Girls”) inspires young women to try out programming and arranges a number of different events in cooperation with Tele2.

Significant monetary contributions 2018

Reach for Change: SEK 2 Million
Bris: SEK 1 Million